Proper Human Resource Planning Process Lays the Ground For Overall Improvements

Any enterprise that employs over 50 people needs to have a proper human resource management system in place. Planning is the key to successful HR administration, employee satisfaction and improved productivity. Human resource is the best asset and if employees are dissatisfied they will not go all out. This reflects in the company’s competitiveness. The best way forward is to involve HR experts for planning HR’s various aspects.

Human Resource Planning Process

Payroll and compliance

Payroll and associated compliance are critical. One cannot have a haphazard system of handling issues as they arise. This is likely to lead to errors and dissatisfaction among employees and compliance issues. The human resource planning process should define payroll and compliance matters to factor in every variable for smooth operations in the present and future. HR consultants with experience and expertise can implement this system for your organization.


Recruitment is a vital process to get the right talent. Here again HR professionals will plan and design HR management systems that will reduce time, cost and effort of recruitment in addition to being able to hire the right candidate of the job. Recruit does not end with issuance of an appointment letter. The HR system must also take care of on boarding through a defined process, an area in which experts can be of help. This results in reduced attrition. Then there are other background processes such as entering the new employee’s name in the payroll and other related statutory compliance procedures.

Employee performance and reports as well as time attendance

The larger an organization grows the more difficult it becomes to track each individual’s performance in each department. One cannot rely on humans to monitor and report because such actions can be biased for or against the employee. Attendance can be taken care of by installation of biometric system but performance is something else. This is where proper Human Resource Planning Process can help management derive unbiased information on employee performance. This is followed by planning a system of rewards for high performing individuals and upgrading skills of low performing employees to bring them up to speed. Specialists in HR management systems will also plan for an evaluation system to see if the employee is the right fit for the job or has skills that would work better in other areas. These and all related issues go into planning process that, when implemented, give a boost to productivity.

The overall objective of implementing a properly planned HR process is that a company should not have to constantly resolve internal issues. It should have a unified workforce that looks outward, addresses market challenges and forges ahead.

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