Payroll outsourcing: getting your non-core areas managed

To understand just how much you stand to benefit from outsourcing your payroll function, let’s take a look at all the tasks a payroll process partner like Alp Consulting undertakes:

  • Getting the payroll inputs from the client
  • Pulling in compensation information from branches, if any
  • Validating these inputs, following up gaps
  • Processing the payroll with the relevant software
  • Checking the pay sheet thus generated
  • Getting the client’s confirmation on the pay sheet
  • Readying the salary statement to be uploaded to the bank
  • The actual bank transfer
  • Generating pay slips for each employee
  • E-mailing pay slips
  • Generating the monthly payroll report for the client
  • Generating statutory reports

These are all fairly complex and time-consuming activities. But for a payroll specialist, they’re routine activities undertaken by experts using the latest tools. The amount you save in man-hours, as well as in the cost of hiring in-house resources and maintaining the right infrastructure is huge.

Take another look at that long list of activities, and balance it against this list of benefits a good payroll partner provides:

  • Comprehensive reporting: All your payroll data is analysed and converted into comprehensive reports that explain what’s going on to you and help inform your business decisions
  • Helpdesk services: Depending on your SLAs you can also give your employees access to quick, effective help with any issues related to their pay processing
  • Security: Alp Consulting maintains a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure which ensures the total security and confidentiality of your payroll data
  • Simple transition: A smooth, easy transition from on-site to off-site payroll management is ensured by the use of best practices
  • Competitive edge: Outsourcing your payroll process allows you to have a completely accurate, efficient process with all the facilities that normally only a large firm can afford in an in-house model

The value proposition should be pretty self-evident at this point. To find out how Alp can tailor a payroll services solution for your business, get in touch!

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