Smart Companies Outsource HR to Human Resource Management Company | Here’s Why

Smart enterprises know that employees are the best asset and need to be managed professionally. One may set up an HR department but who will manage the HR people? Then there are other HR issues to consider all of which point to outsourcing HR as the most viable alternative. Continue Reading

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Payroll Outsourcing Services Can Save Money and Insure Compliance

Complications in payroll management grow when the number of employees in a company goes up. Companies may employ people on monthly salary, contract and on daily or weekly wage basis and these further add to the burden. Payroll is not just calculation of money to be paid for work done. There are additions and deductions to be considered as well as compliance with myriad government regulations that keep changing from time to time. The HR department has to be competent but the entire process easily can be outsourced. Continue Reading

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The Best HRMS Payroll Software in Today’s Scenario

Government frames laws applicable to employees and workers. Industry must comply with the newly framed laws or else they face stiff penalties. Enterprises that employ 20 or more people find it a chore to manage payrolls and the HR part. Thankfully, they can put in place payroll software or avail of it as a service or even outsource it. The same goes for other aspects of HR that HR software can handle with ease, freeing up employees for more productive tasks. Continue Reading

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Alp Consulting Statutory Compliance Software To Help You Stay Fully Compliant With All Indian Laws

Any enterprise that employs 20 or more people automatically falls under the purview of various Acts and Laws in India. Staying compliant with the multitude of laws can become a major problem but not if you have suitable software to take care of compliances.  Take a look at the statutory compliances checklist below: Continue Reading

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Various Aspects of Payroll Services that Enhance Your Business Operations

Enterprises that have a sizeable workforce will find it imperative to implement some kind of payroll solution. However, outsourcing payroll may be a better option when one considers the various aspects involved. Continue Reading

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Proper Human Resource Planning Process Lays the Ground For Overall Improvements

Any enterprise that employs over 50 people needs to have a proper human resource management system in place. Planning is the key to successful HR administration, employee satisfaction and improved productivity. Human resource is the best asset and if employees are dissatisfied they will not go all out. This reflects in the company’s competitiveness. The best way forward is to involve HR experts for planning HR’s various aspects. Continue Reading

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The Importance of HRMS Salary Slip For Employers and Employees

Any organization that employs 50 or more people must be particularly meticulous about payroll management and compliances. The salary slip is vital part of the payroll process. It is proof of employment as well as payment made each month to each employee. It is also important for employers since it shows payments made and deductions.

Continue Reading

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Labour Law Compliance Checklist So You Know You Are Not Missing Anything

Labour law compliance refers to a set of accepted terms or conditions of employment. It refers to several regulatory compliances including minimum wages act, work men’s compensation act,contract labour act, factories act etc.

Business is tough in India. Apart from the business side, the company is also obligated to meet statutory compliance requirements. There are various Laws and Acts that the business must comply with or face punitive action. There are laws at Central level and there are State Government laws applicable to a business. Continue Reading

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Attendance Management HRMS Software Plays a Crucial Role in Employee Time Management

Employees are considered the best asset of any company. Still, employees are not managed well despite the presence of an HR department. Employee dissatisfaction can lead to reduced efficiency and productivity, especially when one does not take care of attendance. Continue Reading

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What is Leave Management Software?

Employees cannot be expected to work 365 days a year. Apart from the weekly leaves and holidays employees will find some reason to ask for a leave to attend to personal matters, due to ill-health or for any other reason. Enterprises may or may not grant leave depending on their policies. Manual process involves the superior officer either sanctioning or denying the leave. It could be time consuming and could also result in accusations of favoritism or prejudice. This is where automated leave through leave management software proves useful. Continue Reading

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