Alp Awards

Alp Awards and recognition

Not surprisingly, we consistently win awards and recognition in the HR industry.

These are some of the awards that we won in recent times:

  • Award for the best HR Strategy in Line with Business - World HR Congress, 2009
  • Award for Best Process Excellence – Zinnov Excellence awards
  • Technology Leadership Award – Zinnov Excellence awards
  • Business partner for the year - IBM, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, HCL technologies
  • Recognised as Platinum Partner by Bank of America
  • Recognised as Value-added partner by RBS, ABB, CSC
  • Best Consultant Award for 3 consecutive years from IBM global services
  • Best Consultant Award from Cisco Systems
  • Best Consultant Award (All India) from Accenture
  • Best consultant Award for last 2 years consecutively with UBS
  • Best Consultant Award from Texas Instruments
  • Best Service Award from PSI Data systems
  • Best Consultant Award from HCL Capital
  • Best Consultant Award from Ciena Telecom
  • Best Consultant Award from Thomson Reuters
  • Best Consultant Award from Brocade
  • Best HR Strategy Award from World HR Congress
  • Best consultant Award from Broadcom

Alp has grown to become one of the most reputed search and staffing companies in India. Built on a solid foundation of excellence and quality, our service offerings are considered benchmarks to aspire for within the HR industry.