Labour Law Statutory Compliance

Why ALP?

Alps Consultants strictly adheres to the Labor Law Statutory Compliance policies of India, which stated simply refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate, in the treatment of their employees. Alp has a unique distinction of maintaining a cent percent Labor Law Statutory Compliance record with regards to both its employees and its clients. Our strong focus on Labor Law Compliance in HR has inspired us to develop a highly sophisticated infrastructure designed to manage the diverse requirements of our clients across India. Alp has a great team of Legal and Labor law experts, who possess all the required expertise to address each and every aspect of Indian Labor Laws and Compliance.  Alp solutions support every aspect of your HR strategy, right from recruitment and onboarding to training, talent management, payment and reward.

What is Labor Law Statutory Compliance?

labour law statutory complianceMany labor law compliances such as PF & Misc Provision Act, Factories Act, ESI Act, Minimum Wages Act, Bonus Act, Labor Regulation and Abolition Act, Professional Tax Act, Shop and Establishment Act are required of Indian companies.  Establishments spend a significant amount of time ensuring that they are compliant with all these provisions, sometimes with no guarantee of full compliance.  Adhering to statutory compliances is necessary for all Business Establishments in India, to keep their businesses safe from the legal issues. The legal eagles at Alps have a deep knowledge of Labor Law Statutory Compliance, and help Organizations to minimize the risk associated with the non compliance of statutory requirements.

Alp HR strategies support every aspect of your HR structure, be it Recruitment, Training, talent management or rewards and recognition.  We enable you to integrate and optimize all of your HR processes and optimize employee potential. The customized HR Software that Alp designs gives the HR Head accurate insight into overall employee performance and data related to personal details, attendance and development. Alp has developed powerful tools to maximize employee potential and make strategic decisions based on statistical Data summaries.

How we do it?

Talent acquisition as a function is becoming increasingly complex with trends in business, demand, and acute shortage of talent. Getting a person with the required skills sets, at a certain time, in a certain location is becoming extremely challenging.  Alp has addressed the Labor Law Statutory Compliance needs of businesses of all sizes – small, medium, large multinationals, and across multiple domains. Alp Consulting helps Businesses address important HR Labor Law Statutory Compliance functions. Alp has vast experience in aligning human resources and business strategies. We manage critical Labor Law needs in connection with HR processes, thus bringing significant operational excellence and seamless integrated delivery. Our Labor Law services will include activities throughout the entire duration of the employee life-cycle, right from recruitment to the time an employee opts for a career change. We partner with client organizations to fully assist them in the transformation of their HR model and to bring about maximum value to the business. We urge you to please go through this because there are so many acts in vogue and you cannot be sure which industries they apply to.

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